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I/O Devices Essay

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Kyle Poindexter
NT1110 Computer Structure and Logic
I/O Devices
Mrs. Coleman

What critical I/O devices are necessary to use a personal computer? Which ones are not necessary for normal day-to-day use and why?
A monitor and a keyboard are the two I/O devices necessary to use a personal computer. The monitor is the most important output device. It allows one to see the information that is being sent out by the computer. ...view middle of the document...

It is the primary method used to send information to a computer. Data entry cannot be performed without a keyboard. The keyboard can even be used to navigate the desktop if a mouse is not connected.
A mouse, game controller, printer, and modem are devices not necessary for day-to-day use of a PC. You cannot connect to the internet without a modem. Having a mouse makes using a computer more efficient. Day-to-day use can still be achieved even without a mouse, game controller, printer and a modem.
Why is a modem considered an I/O device?
A modem is a device connected to a personal computer and other computers via a network through a telephone or cable line. I sends and receives information to and from servers connected to the network simultaneously. This makes a modem both an input and output device.
Why may a printer be classified as an input device?
The printer is essentially an output device. The computer sends the printer the data to be printed. The printer does send information back to the computer. It will send the computer messages about low paper or errors. This sending of information from the printer to the computer makes the printer an input device as well.

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