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Identifying And Reducing High Staff Turnover

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Causes & Effects of High & Low Staff Turnover

As a business manager, staff turnover is one area to keep an eye on throughout the year. Turnover is defined as the percentage of a company's work force that voluntarily quits during one year. In general, the goal is to have low staff turnover to maintain consistency in the work force and develop more skilled employees.

High-Turnover Causes
For the most part, high turnover is related to employee dissatisfaction with the job. Some specific reasons might include low pay, poor working conditions, long hours, not enough benefits or a negative atmosphere, especially from authority figures. In some cases, a business won't be able to help ...view middle of the document...

Poor economic conditions can also...
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Identifying and Reducing High Staff Turnover
Identifying and Reducing High Staff Turnover

The Information Technology Department (IT) at ABC Hospital is comprised of the following Teams: Radiology IT, Radiation Oncology IT, Lab IT, Cardiology IT & Peri-operative IT Teams. The focus of the IT Department is to provide IT Support for the clinical applications utilized by the respective departments that they support. The IT department focuses on application support, incident management, project management, and a strong focus on customer service. Customers include Physicians, Radiologists, Technicians, Nurses, Clerical Staff, Billing staff, and Administrative Staff. The IT Staff is customer facing, they are required to interact with stakeholders on a daily basis. IT also serves as a liaison between the clinical departments and the technical IT Departments within ABC Hospital. IT focuses on understanding the IT needs of each department and verbalizes this in...

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