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If You Knew Me Essay

475 words - 2 pages

If you knew me, you would know that I skateboard, love to sing and play to guitar, and

that I think my mom is very important to me. I enjoy skateboarding at Etnies, Vans, Harada,

Volcom, and Jurupa. I love to sing and play my guitar almost everyday. My mom’s important

to me because she’s always there for me when I need her.

First of all, the reason I skateboard is because it’s a motivating and fun sport. It’s cool

that I skate because not many girls do this sport. I’m also sponsored by this new company called

SK8GRL. Usually I go to the skate park every one in a week. I ...view middle of the document...

I used to go to guitar

lessons, but then I quit because they weren’t teaching me correctly. In the fifth grade, I entered in

the talent show, and I sang and played on guitar, Ring Of Fire by Johnny Cash. My neighbor,

Kirsten Proffit also plays guitar and she sings. She has her own CD. When I grow up, I want to

be just like her. Now that I’m in the seventh grade, I’m in choir, and I absolutely love it! When I

get into high school, I want to sign up for choir again. That’s why I love to sing and play guitar.

Lastly, another thing you would know about me is that my mom is very important to me.

She is the most important person to me in the whole entire world! We are very close to each

other, and I love to talk to her. I can tell her anything, and I can trust her. I always baby sit the

kids for her when she wants to get out of the house so she’ll be away from all of the kids. When I

get home from school, I let my mom take a nap from all of the cleaning she has done. Now you

know that my mom is really important to me.

All in all, now you know that if you knew me you would know that I love to skate, play

my guitar and sing, and that my mom is very important to me. Again, like I said hopefully you’ll

see me in the X Games. Also, I want to have my own CD just like my neighbor. Lastly,

hopefully ill be as important than my mom to my kids when I’m older.

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