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Illegal Downloading Essay

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Nhu Pham
Comp I
24 April 2014
Illegal Downloading
Have you ever enjoyed any famous movies for free or have you ever listened to any songs that singers have not introduced yet? A large percentage of people who use the internet have downloaded music or movies. Now, that the internet is more and more popular, people copy created works more easily. According to “Copyright and The Internet”, Kenneth Jost mentions that, “Each technological breakthrough made it less and less expensive to copy creative works with greater and greater fidelity to the original”(Jost). While a lot of the content on the Internet is free to download, that does not mean it is legal. What is illegal downloading? ...view middle of the document...

Illegal downloading hurts musicians of all levels, so even more famous artists are upset about illegal downloading. In Alan Greenblatt’s article, “Future of the Music Industry”, rap musician LL Cool J told a Senate committee, “ Do people in the entertainment industry have the same rights as other Americans to get fair pay for fair work?...The majority of artists want to be compensated” (4). He has built a strong music career, but it is clear that he is angry that listeners refuse to pay for his music when he has worked hard to produce it.
Second, illegal downloading reduces the motivation of artists to create new property. Many artists and producers spend a lot of time, effort and money to create a good movie. They hope they can make a profit from it. However, they cannot make a lot of money because the audience can watch their movie without going to any theatres or paying. According to “Competing With Free: The Impact of Movie Broadcast on DVD Sale and Internet Piracy”, Micheal D. Smith and Rahul Telang mention that “the creative industries have frequently expressed concern that they can't compete with freely available copies of their content”( Smith and Telang). This makes many artists and producers not want to create any new products because they think that they cannot recoup their investment. Many singers do not want to spend too much of their money on creating some new albums or making some interesting video clips because they think that they cannot receive a profit from them and their new creation will be stolen easily by illegal downloading. The music industry tries to look for many different ways to minimize their profit in losses. Therefore, they do not have a lot of motivation to create new property. In his article, Grenblatt says:
The widespread availability of music that can be downloaded for free off the Internet has decimated sales of compact discs in recent years — amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars in losses. Perhaps belatedly, the music industry is starting to fight back, filing high-profile lawsuits against individuals to discourage piracy and promoting new online sites that sell licensed music for a low price. But many observers wonder whether the industry, long resistant to the new technology, will adapt in time to remain profitable. As physical distribution of music on plastic discs becomes an anachronism, who will profit from promoting and marketingmusic that's available everywhere through digital devices — the labels, the artists, legitimate Internet companies or the pirates? (Greenblatt).
Finally, people who illegally download need to be punished because they hurt the reputation of the internet. The internet is a good source of advertising for people who want to introduce their new creation because many people use the internet every day. Many people use the internet for business by opening many web pages to attract advertising to earn money. However, illegal downloading is more and more popular, so people do...

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