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Illegal Immigration Essay

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The Illegal Immigration Crisis:
is not Discrimination, it is not Racial,
it is Financial

Immigration is one of the most current and controversial issues in the media today. Many and varied problems are associated with the mass invasion of immigrants into the United States. The illegal immigrant crisis is not one of discrimination, or racism it is financial. The federal benefits that illegal immigrants receive are a financial drain to every American taxpayer. Illegal immigrants annually cost taxpayers billions of dollars.
Population demographics of illegal immigrants
Based on the March 2008 Current Population Study (CPS) ( 2008) conducted by the United States Consensus Bureau, there ...view middle of the document...

These children are commonly known as “anchor babies.”
In the United States, economic status is in direct correlation to the educational level completed. Therefore, it is safe to assume that those with little or no advanced education will struggle to achieve financial independence.
Illegal immigrants and federal benefits received
Federal benefit programs can be divided into two categories. Social programs are programs, which help all citizens equally, as opposed to poverty programs, which only help the poor. The poverty program benefits are considered means tested benefits. Means tested benefits are benefits awarded to recipients based on their economic standing. These poverty benefits are the main focus of this report. A Congressional Report (CRS) states, “Federal law bars aliens residing without authorization in the United States from most federal benefits,” (Wasem, 2009) “Unauthorized Alien’s Access to Federal Benefits: Policy and Issues” (page 2, para. 1) Basically, citizenship, or lack thereof, is a deciding factor for many means tested federally funded benefits. Illegal immigrants that are denied the means tested benefits are eligible for benefits only in emergency situations and for immunizations.
The most policy-changing variable that opens most of the previously banned benefit programs to the illegal immigrant populace is the birth of their United States citizen born children, the “anchor babies.” Denying these illegal immigrant parents access to federally funded benefits is not possible without denying their children access to these same benefits, and these children are United States citizens. As citizens, the children have a right of expectation to most if not all of the federal, state, and local benefit programs available. In these cases, citizenship is no longer a deciding factor. Table 1. is a breakdown of federal benefit programs illegal immigrants received in 2007, each programs annual total expenditures are also noted. This information was retrieved from a study done by, Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), titled, The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on U.S. Taxpayers, This report is one of the best and most current, July 2010, resources available concerning the illegal immigration controversy. (Martin & Ruark, 2010)
Table 1
Federally funded benefits illegal immigrants cost taxpayers in 2007.

Program or Benefit Description Amount (in millions)
General Expenditures $8,184
Education $2,108
Administration of Justice $7,830
Food Assistance $3,295
Public Housing $787
Public Assistance $4,082
Medicaid Insurance $5,700
Emergency Medical Care $250
Supplement Security Income (SSI) $2,910
Unemployment Benefits $38

Total of Benefits $35,184

Note: from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) 2010.(Martin & Ruark, 2010)
Taxes paid and tax credits received
Immigrant advocacy groups claim that illegal...

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