Illegal Immigration In The United States

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Illegal Immigration in the United States
Illegal immigration has been the subject of debate and of controversial views for a substantial amount of time. The aggravations toward undocumented aliens mainly reside on the financial burden and dangers they represent for the rest of the population. Illegal immigrants are generally defined as unauthorized residents that are foreign-born non-citizens and who are not legal residents. There are two ways an unlawful status can occur, the most common one happening when individuals are entering the United States without the appropriate paperwork, mandatory inspections, and background searches. In the second occurrence, individuals were first legally ...view middle of the document...

When considering an approach, some might base their opinion on their own personal emotion toward the issue. Contrary, other’s view may come from a more global ideology, with the consideration of what would be best for the entire nation and its industries. The supporters of legalization are standing behind the simple and rational fact that this approach would be more of a practical solution, considering that rounding up and sending home millions of illegal immigrants seem quite unfeasible. Undeniably, the law enforcement effort required to track, detain, and deport more than tens of millions people could be both cost prohibitive and a security impairment to the rest of our society.
When reflecting on illegal immigration, it is important to mention that, unlike some may believe, these individuals are indeed playing an important role on socio-cultural and economic factors that makes this beautiful country. For the vast majority, they are not dangerous criminals but hard working people that have built a life here while genuinely trying to assimilate through adversity. In the process of making a decision, it is vital to consider what would be best for the country and its various industries, while also being feasible upon our resources available in the process. For a successful immigration reform, the United States must legalize the status of illegal immigrants because it would improve the efficiency of our immigration and naturalization services, strengthen national security, and benefit the economy.
A major part of the debate involves the right for illegal immigrants to possibly access naturalization rights even after breaking the law by entering the country illegally. Naturalization can be explained as a process from which citizenship and nationality can be obtained. In the United States, it differs from birth citizenship as it engages individuals who were not citizens or natives of the country when they were born. In general, the basic requirements for naturalization are that any applicant must have held a legal status as a full-time resident for a minimum period of time and that the applicant must promise to obey and uphold that country's laws. Subsequently, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) not only deals with citizenship processes but any temporary applications relevant in obtaining a legal status that may or may not lead to citizenship.
Because no legal statuses were ever held and that the country’s laws were not respected from the beginning, many supporters of massive deportation claim that illegal immigrants should not be entitled to any legal rights. At the same time, there is the apparent contradiction that American laws are presently providing ways for undocumented immigrants to become legal. Indeed, the current interpretations of the U.S. Constitution and of the Fourteenth Amendment allow an automatic grant of citizenship to the children of illegal aliens, as it does for any person born in the country. Based on...

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