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Illness Is Bad Luck Essay

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‘Illness is simply a matter of bad luck, bad judgement, or bad genetics’ is a statement that expressed how health can be affected by the ‘luck’ of the environment that an individual is born into. The aforementioned statement expressed how health can be affected through a bad judgement of misdiagnoses made by health practitioners. The statement then declared how having bad genes allows an individual to become more susceptible to specific disease (Marvell, 2012). This statement focused on how health is influenced by psychological (bad judgement) and biomedical (bad genes) determinants, for example, being overweight is seen has having bad genes however, sociocultural factors such as gender, ...view middle of the document...

According to Mosher and Sirkin (1984, cited in Guerreo, 2009) men who hold a strong sexual attitude, are considered violent, and who are considered high risk taking are deemed as being hypermasculine. The mental health of males is negatively affected by the expectations of males to be masculine as males are more likely to suffer depression due to this excess stress if they are unable to accomplish a certain degree of masculinity (Guerreo, 2009). Guerreo (2009) articulates how ‘bad judgement’ in relation to alcoholism affects males health. Alcohol is heavily relied upon when males are in a depressed state as it produces a temporary relaxed state of mind although at the same time further affecting their physical health. Having poor mental health can be seen as having ‘bad luck’ as its believed to be in the individuals control to become masculine or not (Guerreo,2009).
Whilst men are most likely to perpetrate a violent act, women are in some areas of assault most likely to be the victim. Females are seen has having bad luck as they have continuously been victims of rape as well as being thought of as a minority group (Keddie, 2011). Women are more vulnerable to discrimination and violence from ‘hypermasculine’ males, this violence can lead to mental illnesses in females (Marvell, 2012).Women’s Safety Survey (cited in Germov, 2005) discovered that 338, 700 women were victims of physical violence, with 180, 400 of these assaults being committed by the women’s partner or former partner. This is more than three times as many as being attacked by strangers (67, 300). Since it is majority of the females’ partners, being attacked by their partners is portrayed as bad judgement as ultimately the females’ choice of who they date. Some cultures have restrictions in regards to what women can and cannot do and therefore can inhibit them from achieving better health. In the Muslim culture, women are not allowed to partake in sporting activities that do not promote self-defence values. Sports such as basketball are seen as too manly to be involved in (Walseth, 2006). This is seen as bad luck, as the individual has no control of the religious environment that they are born into.
Normalisation is characterised by an increase in positive attitudes and awareness among young people towards illicit drugs which coincides with a rapid increase in the availability of illicit drugs (Wilson, Bryant, Holt, & Treloar, 2010). In order to understand of the relationship between ‘youth culture’ and drug use as the exertion of ‘peer pressure’, it is vital that the normalisation of drug choices among young people is recognized with taking into perspective the importance of the local and socio-economic context of drug use (Wilson, Bryant, Holt, & Treloar, 2010). Music festivals are becoming abundant in Australia, and are primarily targeted to young adults. Experience of illicit drug use is common among festival patrons compared with similar aged peers in the general...

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