Illness Or Murder Essay

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Was king Tut murdered or did he die from an illness? It seems that this question has puzzled Egyptologist, historians, and scientist for decades. While conducting my research it became apparent that there are many different theories as to how King Tut’s life came to an end. Many of the theories that revolve around the death of the king tend to circle many controversial topics. With so many theories surrounding King Tut’s death it is almost impossible to rule out an exact cause of his death. One thing that is certain; there will always be many theories as to how King Tut died.
One popular story that stands out is based on the relationship between King Tut and Ay. This story is popular so much so, that It was said that Ay killed King Tut out of greed. Ay knew that by killing King Tut he ...view middle of the document...

” Bob Brier revealed his findings January 17, 1997 in a conference held in California. He believed the motive is obvious and is more logical than the other stories surrounding King Tut’s death. Also, Mr. Brier points out a ring that was discovered in Cairo in 1931. This ring showed that Ay and Ankhesenamun were married soon after King Tut’s death. Mr. Brier believes Ay forced Ankhesenamun to marry him because if she didn’t, Ay wouldn’t have been able to inherit the throne.
According to Hutan Ashrafian, a surgeon at Imperial College London, Tut suffered from a hereditary form of epilepsy. Hutan said Tut’s supposed feminine features (breasts and wide hips) are signs that he had a form of epilepsy that affects the temporal lobe, which is known to be involved with hormone release. The disease might be to blame for King Tut’s death in addition to the deaths of several of his predecessors who died at a young aged.
As you can see, there are many different theories as to how King Tut died. In my opinion our theories are all we may ever have to go on.

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