Impact Of Participative Management On Employee Satisfaction, Employee Commitment, And Turnover

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The Impact of Participative Management on Employee Satisfaction, Employee Commitment, and Turnover

The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of participative management on employee satisfaction, employee commitment, and turnover. The analytical data are based on the survey of 31 private sector employees. Pearson correlation coefficient results show that both employee satisfaction and employee commitment are effected by participative management, while turnover is not effected by participative management.

The concept of employees’ participation in decision making "Participative management" (PM) has been a focus of research and practice for many years. It ...view middle of the document...

Managerial styles that focus on managers as technical experts who direct coordinate and control the work of others have been replaced by those that focus on managers as coaches, counselors, facilitators, and team leaders.
One of the significant concepts in contemporary management is participative management (PM), "Participative management (PM) is known by many names including shared leadership, employee empowerment, employee involvement, participative decision-making, dispersed leadership, open-book management, or industrial democracy" (Steinheider, B., Bayerl, P.S. & Wuestewald, T.,2006). and it’s a type of management in which employees at all levels are encouraged to contribute ideas towards identifying and setting organizational-goals, problem solving, and other decisions that may directly affect them. It also called consultative management.
The concept of employee participation in organization’s decision making is not new Extensive research conducted in the early 1950s-1960s demonstrates that participative management is well-suited to organizations whose staff is noted for its creativity, intrinsic motivation for work that interests them, stronger affiliation with discipline and sensitivity to directive management. their origin of which is traced by most writers in the academic literature to the post-World War II writings of scholars, such as Kurt Lewin, Douglas McGregor, Chris Argyris, H. Igor Ansoff, and Michael Porter (Kaufman , 2001). However, a number of management scholars have also written at more length on the origins and history of PM, such as Carroll and Schuler (1983) said that participatory management can be traced to the early 1960s, the writings of behavioral scientists, such as Douglas McGregor and Rensis Likert. Furthermore, Stanton (1993) believes that the origins of PM to two behavioral scientists, Lester Coch and John French, who wrote in the late 1940s but on the issue of organizational change (Kaufman, 2001). Another opinion is stated that the writings of social psychologist, Kurt Lewin, inspired the concept of participatory management (Cotton, 1994).
In the 1990s, participatory management was revived in a different form through advocacy of organizational learning practices, particularly by clients and students of Peter Senge.
In the 21st century, research shows that employees are starting to make more demands on their employers. They want to be parts of a team and they want more involvement in decision-making (Shagholi and Hussin, 2009).
“Participative management should be looked at as an evolution of the organization that will ultimately lead to achievement of corporate objectives” (Yohe, 2003). Undoubtedly, today, in order for an organization to be successful, it should care its employees as important assets and keep them satisfied. Since the increasing pressure of world stiff competition and the complexity of decisions, organizations should shift to more cooperation and participation to increase their...

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