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Impact Of Technology From The Internet On Creation, Reproduction And Circulation

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COM 339
Professor Neff
Lesson 10 Synthesis Paper

You use the internet to do just about everything now a days, buy, sell, trade, read, etc. this just shows how the internet is definitely changing cultural production. New media enables new cultures to transform societies. The internet is a key tool for businesses these days.
The impact of technology from the internet has changed the creation, reproduction and circulation of cultural products now. Since the internet is so popular, cultural producers are able to see what is “in style” or “hip” at the moment so they can make creations of a new product based on what is cool at the time or what they think will be in the future. This is how ...view middle of the document...

Cultural producers want their items to be shared on the internet so that it becomes the new trend to have; something the alpha customer will want.
For example, let’s use a new CD album from a band. The band can create their album and put it online so it streams for consumers to buy. They will reproduce more and more copies to put up online based on how well it is selling. The band, producers, and consumers will post online about how much they love this CD, This will lead to the circulation of it on the internet. The internet also changed the production of cultural products in the sense that we had to make new laws. Going back to the CD example, consumers can illegally download the songs online which takes business and money away from the band, this is called Piracy. Piracy led to Copyright law. Copyright law is a form of protection to authors of their original works. This is explained by Aram Sinnreich in “The Piracy Crusade”. So you can’t copy or take anyone’s work that is copyrighted.
The internet is great, but for some cultures it also has a negative side. Because the internet changed so much in the process of making cultural products, it has replaced human jobs. The internet has the power to do things for free that people were paid to do before it was created. It is a blessing and a curse.
The internet is a very powerful tool and it has changed a lot in our lives, I am curious to see what will change in the future. It can help many businesses and it can hurt many businesses. One thing that is for sure, is that no matter how it harms or helps, it definitely has changed the creation, reproduction and circulation of cultural products.

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