Impacts Of Human Behavior On The Environment

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Impacts of Human Behavior on the Environment
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Environmental psychology is the study of the link between human behavior, the direct impact on the environment, and the psychology of humans. The physical or manmade environment such as building houses or workplaces, and natural environments in nature, are all important parts of environmental psychology. The study that includes environmental psychology is diverse and requires more studies to determine what changes need to be made.
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The chemicals run off the plants into the ground and into water sources. The chemicals can cause illnesses and death for other plant, animal, insect and human life. Agriculture has
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proven to have significant changes on the climate. The greenhouse effect produces and releases carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide, which can change the earth’s ability to either absorb or reflect heat and light. The greenhouse effect appears to be altering the climate of earth causing warmer than usual temperatures, which also is causing a dramatic change in weather cycles. The weather changes can have negative impact on humans when more storms and destruction take place.
The deforestation and desertification together with the use of fossil fuels have created carbon dioxide, which is affecting the ozone layer and the overall health of the environment. The development of massive corn fields has altered the temperature of earth and created warmer and more humid areas, which alters the atmosphere (Wiley & Sons, 2013). Many agricultural areas use fertilizer that is inorganic and they use pesticides that kill many insects that help maintain a healthy ecosystem. The impact of the pesticides is more impactful than most people who use them realize. More than 98 percent of pesticides harm areas other than the intended target, including water systems, food sources, and polluting air.
The environment is impacted in areas of fishing by over fishing and positively by use of fishing hatcheries. The fishing hatcheries grow and release fish into depleted waters which helps fish recover from over fishing. Mining impacts the environment by contaminating groundwater from chemicals, creating sinkholes and contaminating soil. Logging can leave behind debris that disturbs the natural balance of an ecosystem and cause top soil to blow away in the wind and become unavailable. In many places logging is done in forested areas to make room for manmade structures, companies or homes, which removes the important balance of all life that
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lived in that area. Pollution harms the atmosphere from pollutants that travel into the atmosphere by chemicals such as smoke from coal that creates acid rain.
Sustainable resources can help the environment heal and maintain the psychological health of humans. Some of the resources are replanting forests after they have been logged or burned by forest fires, encouraging and using products that are able to be recycled. Using reusable shopping bags instead of plastic, driving hybrid vehicles and using public transportation systems instead of driving everywhere alone are all methods of reducing pollution and decreasing resources.
One new product on the market is bamboo. The bamboo tree grows at an astounding rate and the wood...

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