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Impacts Of Human Life Expectancy Essay

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Impact of Human Life Expectancy
Increases in life expectancy in the world’s human population has measurable effects on
the environment. Since recorded history, the age that people die has expanded to approximately
75 years, on average.
Most experts believe that this is due to social reforms and technology, rather than
evolution. People did not start evolving to increased life expectancies; rather they became more
efficient at using medicines, disease prevention, processing food and energy sources and this had
an increasing effect in simply living longer. Sex, age, geographic location, demographic groups,
time period and wealth certainly are factors when calculating life ...view middle of the document...

Over the last couple centuries, people have become so efficient in how to process
resources that several examples can be discussed that show the possible negative effects on
different ecosystems and the environment. The process of growing food; from planting and
growing to distribution, has been so highly improved that people surely do not have to spend
much of their energy to survive. From our in-class discussions, soil nutrition and tillable land and
food production will certainly go through significant changes in order to support a larger and
longer living population.
Depletion of simply wood and lumber during the 1600’s until today caused many
European countries’ expansions into the rest of the world, to the point of wars over that resource.
Clear cutting is a common practice, having huge impacts on the entire planet.
Taking up the resources of the ocean and the harvest methods that people used over
several years resulted in the loss or huge impacts of depleting species that humans used for food.
People now use different species for the majority of their harvests and these will change again
over time.
Even though these specific issues have been identified, and we are using our abilities to
re-new and maintain these resources. Forests are generally not cut using those methods, and
planting or spot-cutting has been used to a positive way to maintain lumber production.
Alternative farming methods, crops and genetics have improved soil conditions and food
production. Ocean farms are providing fish species that have been depleted.
Barrett 3
These are just a few examples. Along with these are always some types of
negative impact that humans make on the environment. It will not be as it was in nature and
people will be the stewards of these methods in order to support the populations in the future.
There are social impacts that go along with larger populations and longer life
expectancies, also. Most people will always be concerned about their...

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