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Implementation Plan Essay

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Implementing an Effective Risk Management Program

The Guiding Principles of Risk Management (RM)

A. Integrate RM into all phases of missions and operations. Effective RM requires that the process be integrated into all phases of mission or operational planning, preparation, execution, and recovery on a continuing basis. It is much more cost effective to plan up front during building construction and renovation to imbed safety, fire and environmental protection systems than to retro-fit after the fact.

B. Make risk decisions at the appropriate level. As a decision-making tool, RM is only effective when the information is concentrated on the appropriate supervisory level for ...view middle of the document...

It is a cyclic process that is used to continuously identify and assess hazards, develop and implement controls, and evaluate outcomes particularly when changes occur in operations or environment. To a certain extent RM is intuitive, but it has been proven most effective when applied in the planning stages of an operation 30, 60, 90 even 120 days out, if possible. Refer to Attachment 5 to see an example of formalized risk management. The process is continuous, and therefore synergistic. Evaluation of the process helps continuously improve the process, dropping controls that don’t work and incorporating new and better controls for future similar operations. In essence, this process is demonstrated and accomplished when Safety Coordinators and OSHEM review plans for renovation or new construction in order to incorporate OSHA, EPA and NFPA mandated controls and requirements. Fully compliant facilities are the product of early planning and involvement of fire, health, environmental and safety experts throughout the planning stages of the new or renovated facilities.

Requirements of a Risk Management Program

Apply the 5 step risk management process to all SI organization safety programs. The following provides a brief outline of the 5-step process requirements.

Step 1 – Identify hazards.
Step 2 – Assess hazards to determine risk.
Step 3 – Develop controls and make risk decisions.
Step 4 – Implement controls.
Step 5 – Supervise and evaluate.

Figure 4-1 illustrates how these five steps are cyclical, forming a continual improvement process with the first two steps being part of the assessment phase and the last three steps belonging to management to make decisions, delegate responsibilities and continually supervise and evaluate to insure improvement.




Figure 4-1

Table 4-1 Graphic display of the RM 5-step Process and identifies specific tools and techniques for accomplishing the program requirements.

|STEPS IN RM PROCESS |TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES discussed in this Safety Manual |
|Step 1 – Identify hazards. |Safety committee inspections, |
| |Employee identification of workplace and environmental hazards |
| |Hazards identified while investigating mishaps |
| |Supervisors identifying hazards for workplace or job hazard analyses |
| |Safety Coordinator inspections |
|Step 2 – Assess hazards to determine risk. ...

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