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Implications Of Hiring Disabled Workers To Human Resource Manager

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Research Question
Hiring disabilities usually are thought to be the worst choice for HR managers during the recruitment process. However, is this really the truth? As many myths about hiring disabilities are known to be false, HR managers should re-consider about adding people with disabilities to their work force. Many companies that have hired disabled workers have been successful with high performance. However, should HR managers decide to hire disabled workers, some implications will arise. So, “What are the implications of hiring disabled workers to human resource manager?”

Literature Review
Background Information
As the aging process is an inevitable process, workers of the ...view middle of the document...

S. Department of Education, 2006; Unger, 2002; McFarlin, et al., 1991). Dailey, a manager of a company in U.S. said that disabled population is more stable group who may not be as likely to leave after only a few months (Anderson, 1993). The reason is that disabled workers tend to have high loyalty towards companies that include them into their workforce (Houtenville & Kalargyrou, 2012; Huppke, 2012; Maier, et al., 2012; Schapire & Berger, 1984; Nathanson, 1977). Another reason of this low turnover rate is because of the difficulty of finding other employment, and specialized medical care (Hughes & Kleiner, 1995). This means that they are committed to the job and very motivated (Griffiths, 2012; Huppke, 2012; Eastep, 2001).
However, according to Habeck, the retention rate is still low because there are high numbers of disabled workers leaving the jobs (Czarnecki & Fisher, 2007). Causes of low retention include the inability to sustain adequate work per¬formance; changes in work, work conditions, health conditions, or personal circum¬stances; and employer policies and management practices that discourage contin¬ued work (e.g., lack of tolerance for flexible work schedules) (Czarnecki & Fisher, 2007).
The factor that is related to turnover is supportive work environment (Houtenville & Kalargyrou, 2012). There is a positive relationship between a supportive work environment that creates psychological safety and positive employee engagement that correlates negatively with turnover (Houtenville & Kalargyrou, 2012). Proactively hiring people with disabilities could result in increased psychological safety and trust in the company and, consequently, in higher employee engagement and lower turnover (Houtenville & Kalargyrou, 2012). By other authors, this factor is called the workplace culture (Czarnecki & Fisher, 2007). A workplace culture that values employees, allows a flexible and supportive approach to work arrangements, and provides informal re¬wards and incentives encourages retention (Czarnecki & Fisher, 2007).

Key Point 2 [Cost]
Cost is one of the major concerns after hiring disabled workers (Kaye, et al., 2011; Domzal, et al., 2008). Companies that hire such workers have the obligation to provide reasonable accommodation to them (Kaye, et al., 2011; Noe, et al., 2011). Besides, companies also have to pay more premium health insurance or worker compensation as well as indirect costs such as extra supervisorial time or time needed to complete paperwork and deal with bureaucratic details (Kaye, et al., 2011). Cost of litigation may arise if workers with disabilities who have been fired sue the company (Kaye, et al., 2011). By only this idea, companies believe that this will cost a lot of expenses which become a substantial financial burden (Kaye, et al., 2011).
However, upon hiring workers with disabilities, companies are entitled to the economic incentives provided by the government (MP & Anderson, 2012; Kaye, et al., 2011; Czarnecki &...

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