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In any organization, what each individual brings into the work environment in more ways than just their work is of great importance. A new member of staff coming into an organization will come with his/her own past experiences, personality and social habits that could affect the work environment positively or even negatively. And therefore it is very important for any administrator to select the right kind of employee who not only fits the job, but who would also fit in with the work place culture of that particular organization.

What Is Culture?
Culture is the environment which the organization creates for itself and its ...view middle of the document...

From its work ethics, education systems to even religious ideologies. The term ‘Western Culture’ is nowadays used to refer to the European countries as well as those of the United States.
3. African culture
The African continent is broken down to two main cultures; North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. Africa is made of many tribes, ethnic and social groups. The culture has its key features consisting of a large number of ethnic groups within it — some countries having up to 40 or more — as well as the diversity of beliefs.
Northwest Africa has strong ties to European and South-western Asia. The area is heavily influenced by Islam and is a major player in the Arab world. The harsh environment has provided an opportunity to many in the development of Sub-Saharan Africa culture, due the number of languages and other factors that have sprung up among the population.
Why Is It Important?
Bringing together different ethnicities, religions and behaviours will end up shaping your work environment. Cultures are more or less unwritten laws that govern the work environment. And though you cannot exactly see culture you can quite easily feel its effect the moment you step into the organization in areas such as the language spoken and daily work practices. If culture is not respected, consequences are bound to occur:
1. Efficiency and Ideas
In many countries today that are largely populated by immigrants, it’s very easy to spot the fact the country has been influenced by a lot of outside culture. With that scenario, you find many countries passing laws such as the freedom to worship, so as to make the citizens/immigrants feel welcomed and not feel like outcasts. At the end of the day, when this respected, both parties will profit from it; immigrants offer diversity, fresh ideas and new norms, into the country brought from where they once lived. In the same way, if an organization fails to make room for an employee’s culture, they may end up being the losers in this case. A...

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