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Importance Of Data Collection Essay

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This report will give an overview of the aim behind collecting data, types of data collected, methods used and how the collection of the data supports the department’s practices. It will also give a brief outlook on the importance of legislation in recording, storing and accessing data.

Why Organisations Need to Collect Data
To satisfy legal requirement: every few months there is some request from the government sector to gather, maintain and reports lots of information back to them on how many people do we have in the organization, working hours, how much our expenses for the whole year, we should keep data stored in case information is needed to defend the company ...view middle of the document...

Usually assist in improving processes & fasten them out but do not give clear measures. It could be elaborated much further & then used as quantitative data.

(2) Methods of Storing Records & their Benefits:
* Manually:
* Some data are still being stored manually, especially those documents that require signatures or kept for the Government.
* Manual data storing is easy to use as it does not required specific training; however it takes a lot of space and time.
* The department started to scan those documents and upload them to the virtual data base to ensure a friendlier environment and for security purposes.

* Electronically:
* The main system used in the organisation is SAP.
* Storing data electronically via SAP is highly efficient as the data is integrated.
* The program needs to be updated only once to be implemented throughout the company.
* It is accurate and reduces human error.
* It has different keys for accessing authority.
* The downside of this implementation is its high cost. Also, it may take a longtime to...

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