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Importance Of Fidelity In Julius Caesar

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Importance of Fidelity in Julius Caesar

Humans have always been communal animals. They band together in groups, for social and survival needs. This sense of community brings about the values of dedication and loyalty. The alliances man has created inspires stories and plays about any number of time periods. Many examples of fidelity are illustrated in the characters of Julius Caesar.

Antonius appears to be blindly loyal to Caesar. He comes off as a rash supporter in the scene that depicts Antonius viewing Caesar's body. Another situation where Antonius displays fidelity to Caesar is act one, scene two, in which the young runner pledges that whatever Caesar wishes is his command. The wild soliloquy he gives illustrates his allegiance to the slain king, and he seems to sacrifice his body to Caesar's spirit. ...view middle of the document...

However, it is questionable in which way she depends on him: emotionally or monetarily. A woman accustomed to being pampered as an important official's wife would likely wish for her wealthy husband to live, and Calpurnia does give the impression that she is high maintenance. However, it would be unfair to claim she is only loyal to Caesar's money. Portia, on the other hand, is one of the most famous examples of a pledge of faith. She feels hurt that her husband, Brutus, would keep secrets from her because she has never done anything to harm him. She shows him how great her love for him without words by stabbing herself in the thigh, although her eloquent speech is moving as well: "I have made a strong proof of my constancy giving myself a voluntary wound here, in the thigh; can I bear that with patience, and not my husband's secrets?" II.i.292

Brutus shows much appreciation for loyalty in many instances. Perhaps the strongest display of this admiration is displayed when he comes in contact with slaves. When his servant Lucius runs to please his master although he's very tired, Brutus feels sorry for him. He offers several of his slaves to sleep in his room on his cushions because he wanted them to be comfortable. It is interesting to compare Brutus's symbolization of the Roman citizens as bondmen to the way he treats his slaves. The fact that Brutus treats his slaves nicely and that he doesn't want to be a bondman goes well together. Having slaves was a sign of wealth, and Brutus certainly needed somebody to keep his house together, and so of course he has slaves. However, he treats them kindly and with love, just as he treats the Romans.

Man has created alliances for as long as he has existed. The nature of man to form societies has long been inspiration for stories of betrayal. Personas commonly illustrate the allegiances man has created over the ages. Throughout the story of Julius Caesar, the characters display qualities of fidelity.

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