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Importance Of It Culture In Business

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Importance Of IT Culture In Business

Management Information Systems

Everest University

August 4, 2012

No business in today’s age of the World Wide Web can survive without some form of IT culture built-in. Just about all transactions, accounting, and even scheduling is computerized making the business more efficient in this modern information age. IT is all around and is never going away as our culture, economy, and businesses depend on it extensively. Technology advancements are popping up daily and it is the job of the IT culture to apply them to needs of the business and aide the business with adjustments to changes.

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This is accomplished by the use of databases are linked and shared from one site to another site anywhere in the world. This use of newer IT technology has decreased business costs as it refers to traveling abroad to share information and compare data. Now it is done at the click of a button on a computer. The IT Culture has to adjust to these technology changes by adapting the approach to their business use. Most recent change is cloud computing and this changes the design approach for creating systems and software.

Imagine the days before IT was used in business. Large corporations had to maintain their sales, marketing, and all other parts of the business manually and this caused inconsistencies due to lack of real time updates between personnel. So many systems have been developed by IT Culture to remedy this such as ERP systems which replaces “‘islands of information processes into a single packaged software solution” (Haag, Cummings, 2010, p. 10). Now all offices across the globe share information in real time making decision making more efficient as managers have real time accurate information.

Above all IT Culture adds value to the business. As we use IT religiously and without even thought in today’s world we add value to that technology and value to the business. Services offered by the IT Culture include the programs mentioned already as well as email, database access, Internet applications, and a multitude of in-house applications like instant messaging used in IBM software. Users “are switching between these services...

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