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In any organization one can assume that the main goal of that business is to succeed; what exactly does being a winning organization mean and what does it take to get there? In the past companies placed a great amount of emphasis on the numbers and how to achieve those numbers. The people who actually helped achieve those numbers were graded on their technical skills, productivity, and budgets. Employees were moneymaking machines and how they achieved those numbers was not a concern of their managers as long as the numbers were being met. Organizational behavior studies have become more important today than in previous years because corporations must learn to adapt to the rapidly changing ...view middle of the document...

Now we know not only the hard skills is important for get the job done, soft skills are helps managers to do their job more effectively and efficiently.

Importance of Organizational Behavior

Organizations are involved in every facet of our lives. Everyone whether they like it or not are members of multiple organizations. Personally to argue that the study of organizational behavior or to propose any negative response to a structure that is closely involved with our lives is moot. The reality is that organizations organize our lives. Our schedules are almost entirely set by organizations.
What happens in the economy and in the courts and in technology (all elements of the environment of organizations) affects all of our lives profoundly. The reason most organizations do things the way they do is largely a function of what they can make money doing, what is legal, and what technology permits.
Organizations have a tremendous impact on our professional lives and organizational structure. Prestige in industrialized nations is determined by occupation, and by rank within the organization we work for. So bankers (an occupation) have a certain status in society, and bankers who are senior vice-presidents (a high rank) are particularly blessed.
Most people's income is derived from their jobs in organizations, so organizations also largely determine the amount of money that individuals have. Organizations wield considerably more power than individuals do, so the individuals who control organizations also have considerable power.
The discipline of Organizational Behavior encompasses three broad areas:
1. The Behavior of People in Organizations
OB draws on psychology, anthropology and sociology to gain insight into the behavior of individuals in organizational settings. Topics studied include:
• perception, cognition, learning
• personality and motivation
• leadership, power, conformity, communication
• decision making
2. Organizational Structure
Organizations consist of people organized to achieve organizational goals (like manufacture computers). One of the most important strategic elements of an organization is its structure: how the people are arranged so as to produce what the organization produces. Topics include:
• task identification and division of labor
• departmentation
• coordination and control mechanisms
• processes and procedures, such as promotion, hiring policies, compensation
• organizational form (e.g., bureaucracy)
• size
• centralization of decision-making
• the relationships among these variables
3. Behavior of organizations
Just as we can study the interactions of individuals with the organization and with each other, we can also study the interactions of organizations with their environments, which include individual citizens and other organizations including the government. Some of the behaviors of organizations that we are interested in include:
• adoption of new practices such...

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