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Improved Integration Of Technology Essay

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Improved Integration of Technology into Lesson Plans Delondria Catrice Randolph Ashford University Dr. Sheila Thomas January 28, 2013

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Improved Integration of Technology into Lesson Plans Teachers regularly search for new techniques to implement in the classroom to better meet the needs of our students. Educators make a commitment to learning by constantly striving to improve their abilities in subject matter and educational technology. With the increased accessibility of computer technology and Internet resources there is an even greater avenue for ...view middle of the document...

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IMPROVED INTEGRATION OF TECHNOLOGY How can students retain the information being taught to them? What can help students become more successful in learning? What can increase the motivation for students to learn? I


propose that technology be used as a tool to support the future success of our students. Therefore it seems only logical that technology become an important part of the instruction provided to every teacher in all classrooms. Retaining Information It is important to educators that students not only learn what is being taught to them but that they also retain the information so that it may be applied to future use. Understanding student retention and how it can be applied in the classroom can help teachers make better decisions regarding lesson planning and teaching their courses. Technology allows a student to take an active role in their education allowing them to actively making choices on how to obtain, generate, display, and manipulate information. Utilizing technology enables students to actively think about information, focus on choices to make, and execute skills more so than the usual teacher-led lessons (Arnold, 2000). Furthermore, when technology is incorporated as a learning tool to support students in performing authentic tasks, they are in the position of defining their goals, making design decisions, and evaluating their progress. Students will retain the information when it is presented in this manner because the main benefits of using technology in the classrooms are the fact that students are active participants unlike a teacher-led classroom, where students passively receive whatever information is presented by the teacher (Arnold, 2000). Success in the Classroom What can help students become more successful in learning? Technology plays a significant role in todays’ society and technological integration is crucial to students' success in the

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IMPROVED INTEGRATION OF TECHNOLOGY classroom and in the workplace. Teachers acts as a facilitator in technology savvy classrooms. They incorporate project goals for the students in their lesson plans and...

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