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In Pursuit Of Excellence Book Review

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In Pursuit of Excellence Book Review
If I were new to the topic of sport psychology, and I asked someone to suggest a book that would give me an in-depth, how-to description of learning to control your mind and use it to your advantage, then I would expect them to suggest In Pursuit of Excellence. I have read a few different books on sport psychology, with all of them discussing the same information and techniques, but none of them go into the type of depth that this book does. It is almost as though this is the Bible of sport psychology; that is just how well Terry Orlick has written the fourth edition of his book, In Pursuit of Excellence. Like most North American athletes, I developed a ...view middle of the document...

” The minute I saw this chapter heading, I thought of the movie “Peaceful Warrior,” when Dan Millman goes on the hike up the mountain, and in the ends discovers that it’s not about the end result, but rather the journey that it takes to get there. I could really connect with this because you can’t always be focused on the outcome of the game or match. Instead, you should focus on the process, or the “journey” that it takes to get to that point, and you should enjoy it and give it everything you have. As the book states it, during the journey “the true joy and challenge lies in pursuing ongoing personal growth, loving the pursuit, and living the various textures of your life.” So what can we take from this quote? What I took from it was that the real enjoyment of the journey comes from seeing yourself improve and grow as an athlete and a person, and also to be balanced, and have fun in other areas of your life as well. I can relate to this because in the past I used to get so caught up in the potential outcome of the future, and my thoughts would become negative because I would worry so much. I would get so caught up that I would totally ignore just how much I had been improving over that period of time, which would kill my performance. But that’s why it’s the past, right? For the past 3 years I have been keeping a daily log of all my goals, outcome, performance, and process, and I’ve also been keeping a daily journal of what has been on my mind, and how my day went. It allows me to literally see how much I’ve grown as an athlete, which not only allows me to enjoy the journey much more, but it gives me much more confidence in my abilities as well. The “Journey to Excellence” is a long and winding road, and it is one that requires a strong commitment, a single focus, and a very positive belief in yourself if you want to be the best, and I understand that more than ever now after reading this chapter.
The chapter that has to be my absolute favorite is the one that talks about self-hypnosis because I have always wanted a much more broken down explanation of how to do it. I’ve read a few books and some articles but have never had a 100% clear explanation of how to do it, and do it effectively. The benefits of self-hypnosis are highly underestimated and misunderstood because when most people think of hypnosis, they think of magic shows where people are brought up on stage and made to do crazy things. They don’t understand that when used correctly, that self-hypnosis can be a great tool to use to improve your everyday life. The use of self-hypnosis allows us to reprogram our minds, getting rid of the negative beliefs we have about ourselves and our abilities, and replacing them with confident, positive affirmations that allow us to grow as individuals. The book states that “we all live and function far below our maximum mental and physical limits until something of sufficient importance triggers the use of our dominant mental and physical powers.”...

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