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Indian Pharma – Likely Future Trends

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Indian Pharma – likely future trends
Years back, Isaac Asimov said, “Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome.” While it may not be a matter of life and death for the Indian pharma industry, it certainly is the transition time and like any transition, it has its pain, as well as gain.
Indian pharma has enjoyed a decadal growth rate of ≈13%, except for the year 2013, when due to large number of formulations coming under price control, growth rate plummeted by more than half to little over 6%. In couple of months of that year, pharma market actually de-grew - a first in the last 50 years! That was unthinkable. Clearly it was the time, which made people ...view middle of the document...

AstraZeneca started with Arimidex Direct in 2012 to provide its off-patent breast cancer therapy via Express Scripts directly to consumer. Earlier Pfizer had taken this approach for Lipitor (with ‘Lipitor for You’ programme) and Viagra.
In the generics branded formulations market, a staple for every Indian company, there is a stiff competition in this space. Going forward, companies will increasingly move up from ‘easy to copy-low value generics’ to ‘difficult to copy-high value generics’. Companies will focus on niche areas like oncology, hormones etc. There would also be increasing trend towards biosimilars. Herceptin biosimilar (CANMAb) by Biocon is one of recent example in this category.
Another interesting trend that is being seen is the emergence of new pharma companies with differentiated product strategies. For instance, a very young company, not even two years old, launched its product range with clear focus on ‘first co-prescribed product’ for selected therapeutic areas. In its first year of operation, it has achieved good success in terms of revenue. Or there is another company, around 4 years old and with revenue of Rs. 400 crore, focused significantly on women’s health segment. This company is already among the top 50, while it only operates in the 15% of the overall market. Success of such companies may spawn the launch of more new companies, which will have focused and differentiated product strategies
On the discovery front, there is an emerging trend of pure-play discovery companies focusing on biologicals. Now traditionally, Indian pharma strength is chemistry and not biologics. However, there are young discovery companies, which are doing cutting edge biologics focused product development work for diseases like diabetes, arthritis etc. Large pharma companies would have no option but...

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