Individual Needs In Health And Social Care

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Unit 3: Individual Needs in Health and Social Care
In this assignment i am going to outline the everyday needs of three individuals in different life stages which include their spies needs and making reference to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
Life stages: 11-18
Dolly is a female girl at the age of 15 and lives in a care home for young offenders.
Dolly used to live with her dad but he died when she was 10 years of age. Dolly had to live with her mother but didn’t get on with her or her step dad. Dolly didn’t have any siblings only her step sister which never took too.
At the age of 13 dolly started to mix with the wrong crowd and ended up going off the rails which resulted in taking drugs and alcohol. It was a constant batter to keep her away from the wrong crowd and her parents had no option ...view middle of the document...

Emotional- dolly health is looked after and given plenty of support.
Socially- socialising with her friends, meeting new people that may have similar interests
Explain what Maslow said and to relate your person to Maslow’s triangle.
Maslow states that each person is motivated to achieve certain needs. When one need is fulfilled a person seeks to fulfil the next one and so on.
There are five stages that are divided into needs.
1. Biological and physiological needs- oxygen, food, shelter, warmth and sleep.
Dolly needs are being basic met. She ha

Life stages: 3-10
Ash is a 10 year old girl who lives with her mother. Ash’s mother is from a strong catholic background. Her faith is very important to her so she goes to church every Sunday or when she can. Ash’s father is in prison so there isn’t any contact between them.
Ash and her mother live in a council flat and is on benefits. She doesn’t work and has no other children.
Ash’s mother is from a big family and has plenty of help when she needs it.

Ash spies needs are met by:
Spiritual- ash’s spiritual needs are met by being surrounded by a faith community,
Physical- ash is provided with shelter, warmth, food and senses of safety.
Intellectual- ash’s mother regular reads and helps with her homework.
Emotional- having the love and needs a mother could give the child
Socially- ash’s has social contact with friends by going to school and other members of her mother family.
Explain what Maslow said and to relate your person to Maslow’s triangle.

Life stages 65+
Peter is 71 years of age and is in a care home. Peter hasn’t got long left to live and

Explain what Maslow said and to relate your person to Maslow’s triangle.

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