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Industrial Security Responsibilities And Losses Essay

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Industrial Security Responsibilities and Losses
March 8, 2014
Aric Childs

“Industrial security is the portion of internal security, which refers to the protection of industrial installations, resources, utilities, materials, and classified information essential to protection from loss or damage”(McGraw-Hill Dictionary, 2003). Industrial Security is used to protect industrial machines and plants against unauthorized access, sabotage, and malicious manipulation.

Risk analysis is the first step to determine security measures. The risk analysis is an important precondition for Security Management relating to a plant or machine, aimed at identifying and assessing individual hazards and ...view middle of the document...

Network security is the protection of automation components based on segmented production networks. Ethernet-based fieldbus systems are well established in today’s automation solutions because of their advantages like performance and open communication from control level to field level. However this trend also leads to increased risks, which have to be addressed by security measures. “Network protection mechanism like firewalls, which blocks or regulates communication between office and plant networks. Segmentation of production networks in different secured automation networks” (Montague, 2010). This protects automation components within these cells against unauthorized access, network overload, etc.

Causes of industrial loss can vary. A most common cause usually involves money. Employees find it extremely difficult to get leave with pay. Employees also become more and more conscious about self-respect. Tempers flare when they are insulted or instigated by their superiors. Most of the time, extra bonus is not paid, or not paid on time. This also causes industrial conflicts. Sometimes, employees are unfairly relieved from their jobs. Nevertheless, their colleagues unite and fight for the rehiring of their relieved colleagues. Most industries have unhygienic and unsafe working conditions. This puts pressure on workers' health.

Consequences of industrial loss can be extreme. Unrest and unnecessary tensions overwhelm the hearts and minds of all the people involved which is laborers and senior management. “There is economic loss due to conflicts because conflicts may result in strikes and lock-outs. This causes low or no production resulting in industrial loss. Industrial losses may also cause economic depression because many industries are...

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