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Informaics Needs Assessment Essay

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Informatics Needs Assessment
Dawn Harvey
HCS 482
March 2, 2015
Diane Delucia

Informatics Needs Assessment
Needs assessment is the first step in the information systems life cycle. The informatics needs assessment is an essential step in the selection and implementation of an Electronic Health Record. The following paper will address the purpose of a needs assessment and some factors that need to be considered in the needs assessment. Data that needs to be collected and where it can be accessed, along with who you would consult and why, will be discussed. By the conclusion of this paper, the reader will understand the importance of implementing an appropriate needs assessment to ...view middle of the document...

An assessment of the current program being used, the workflow, reporting and billing needs with efficiency, quality, and financial outcomes needs to be collected for data (Hebda & Czar, 2013 p 155). Patient feedback on how they will use Electronic Health Records, for their benefit, is important when developing a new program. Data containing potential barriers, user needs, and time-sensitive factors will need to be researched to provide relevant feedback to upper management.
Data access
Obtaining valid data is essential for an effective needs assessment. Data can be obtained by interviews, brainstorming, researching books and articles, patient satisfaction surveys, and reviewing current policy and procedures. Individuals, organizations, and society are means of gathering data (DeSilets, 2006 para. 8). The internet offers unlimited amounts of information that can be used to compare availability of data. Keep in mind that the data must be timely, or it will not be useful (Stevens & Gillam, 1998 p. 1451). To improve services for patients and the health care providers, data on the needs assessment should be current.
Who to consult
When conducting a needs assessment, it is extremely important to consult many different people at different levels of the organization. Physicians, nurse managers, floor nurses, aids, financial personnel, top executives of the facility, patients, and the IT personnel should be involved in the needs assessment process (Sewell & Thede, 2013 p. 330). The assessment should include anyone who will use the Electronic Health Record or whose job will be affected by the implementation of the Electronic Health Record. It is necessary to consult anyone that has something to gain or...

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