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Information Flow And Use Essay

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Information Flow and Use
May 17, 2012
Instructor: Joe Moore

Information Flow and Use

The military’s methods of use of information, and how it is distributed is highly critical and simple. Majority of the information is put out the old fashion way, verbally! This method seems very prehistoric compared to now, but it is quite affective, and of course also comes with some disadvantages. Everyday information is verbally issued out starting at the top of the chain of command, and goes all the way down to the lowest ranking individual. This type of informational flow is used for little as details and tasks that need to be completed for the day, to tactical ...view middle of the document...

Another way the flow of information is performed and distributed. It is still verbally given, but to mass amounts of people at once by an individual. A person of high rank will have up to hundreds of soldiers gather around him at once, as he puts out the information. This way it is quick, and there is no information being misconstrued. This method is not very secure for the confidentiality sake of what is being said. This information has to be put out very loudly so everyone can hear, and leaves a risk for unauthorized personnel to hear it also. Majority of the time this is not confidential information.
On the technical side the military also has an identification system used to store collected intelligence gathered about insurgents or terrorist. Once collected the Information is put into a data base with names of the high value targets; also known as HVTs. Anything and everything about an individual or HVT is put into the data base. Everything to a picture, name, aliases, family members,...

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