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Process of Selecting Health Care Information System
Health care organizations are trying to stay current with health care technology to provide high quality care, and lower health care cost(Matthews, 2000). Selecting an information system is complex and challenging because of the new technology and higher cost. When health care organizations implement an information system then the organization will become more efficient, and deliver effective health care. Implementing new information systems takes a team of individuals with different expertise to plan and manage the information system. Most health care organizations develop a team that has nurses, doctors, office personal, and IT specialist that worked together to keep information systems.
Acquisition Process
The process of selecting an information systems starts with selecting a project steering committee, and project manager. The project ...view middle of the document...

Once the project manager has gathered all of the information they will prepare a summary report and recommendations for selecting an information system(Matthews, 2000). Once the report is done and submitted to the committee , a decision will be made on the information system that best fits the needs of the organization.
Organization Goals
The health organizations will chose the information system that best meets their goals. The information systems cost and the health care organization will lose money if the information system does not meet their goals(Matthews, 2000). Some health care organizations may have IT personal inside their organization that will learn the information system and provide technical support. Some Information systems don’t offer that option, and they require for the health care organization to receive support from their IT department. Health care organizations will select the information system that is financially, and operational feasible(Wager, Lee, & Glaser, 2009).
Stakeholders Roles
Stakeholders within the health care organization plays a huge role in selecting an information system. The selection of information will be depended on those who are directly and indirectly involved, such as patients, nurses, doctors, office managers, and information system vendors. Each person involved should have a clear understanding of the information system.
Health care information systems are critical in the health care system, because of the continuum of care there is less medical errors and more resources available. The new federal regulations and guidelines are pushing health care organizations more towards implementing electric health records(Wager, Lee, & Glaser, 2000). With electric health records patients will have better access to their health care record, and become more involved in their care. Health care organization will be able to retrieve patient’s medical history form other health care organizations. Having access to the patient full medical record benefits both the physician and the patient.

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