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Information Privacy
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The privacy of personal information related to the data stored on the computer systems is termed as Information privacy. The information privacy is related to privacy of personal data that is collected by various organizations for personal use. The private information can be stored in medical records, political records, criminal records, financial data, data on website or any information related to the business related which needs to be protected and keep it secured. Thus information privacy may also be called as data privacy.
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b) Evaluation of the social and technological issues that deal with why storage of information is at a high risk, combining the information with some other information, communication and various other issues using the new methodologies and collection devices to store the data; and also the changing trends related to sharing of information that may be either voluntary or involuntary;
c) To assess the privacy threats related to today’s personal and private information that is new about these threats, by taking into consideration the use of information technology’s history for over several decades and also private sector and government sector development to deal with the concerns related to the privacy issues of personal information; and
d) Examining the tradeoffs in buying patterns of a person between more monitoring and more personalized marketing that are involved and directly related to benefits and costs associated with the collection and use of personal and private information, and identifying various alternative approaches to deal with the collection and use of private information.
Thus to deal with the privacy issues, various corrective measure are to be taken by the consumers, government agencies and also the private organizations in their public meetings to deal with false bank accounts, unwarranted credit card charges, job application declination, fraudulent loans, bankruptcies, licences that are denied, records of undeserved prison, and also incorrect detention and arrests. There are also various other concerns that are to be dealt by the law enforcement agencies that are related to theft of identity in an organized way, mounting the entire country or the groups that are targeted for mass disruption, and also invasion of privacy.
An individual can do only little from his/her side to protect against loss of privacy and identity theft. Thus to prevent and remediate identity theft, the FTC i.e. Federal Trade Commission has established a web page i.e. http://www.consumer. gov/idtheft which will act as a central repository and source of information and will prevent from any theft to identity. By introducing the Congress towards the end and limiting the use of Social Security Number (SSN) as much as possible in the legislation by the government. Colleges, universities and business organizations should not make use of SSN on forms and cheques and should also not display it on the public lists, ID cards of students or badges. The student information that is available on the college websites and portals and are easily accessible by any general public, may also result in loss of data and identity theft by utilizing preapproved and unsolicited credit cards. Thus students are raising such issues themselves (Chronicle of Higher Education, 2002) to prevent form loss and theft of information and identity. Also, the need for use of SSN should be examined and questioned by every educational institution to...

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