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GE 150 Survey of Science
LAB- Unit 3.2: Light and Wave Simulation
A. Water Wave Simulation:
1. As the Frequency and Amplitude slider moves to the right of the bar the water droplets rate increases, which creates a wider wave spectrum-the waves appears to overlap each other as the frequency is increased. I also observed that the water waves became more narrower when I slid the frequency and amplitude slider to the extreme right.
2. The water level on the Graph was observed to be still (no wave action) when the slider of the frequency and amplitude is at the lower end of the scale, once the slider is moved towards the center, the waves began to produce a crest and trough. I ...view middle of the document...

GE 150 Survey of science
Rupert Griffith
Sound Wave
5.The sound wave dissipate , no wave crest or trough are observed.
6. With the speaker turned back on after all the particles being still and no sound wave to create any wave crest.
7. Turning the speakers back on, Sound wave energy is created once again-with the manipulation of the frequency and the amplitude slider the particles resumed their agitated movement bouncing off each other- a narrow wave crest and trough is observed when sliding the frequency/amplitude bar to the extreme right.
8.The barrier appears to have no effect on the particles-the sound wave is still able to penetrate through the barrier walls.
Light Wave Simulator:
1.The light and the electric field change also creating a frequency like crest and trough when set to zero the amplitude slider does not register any visible movement of light.
3.The wave length and frequency is observed to be changing in a uniform pattern as each color spectrum is tested, however, when the amplitude slider is increased the wave pattern seems to expand outwards creating a...

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