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Information System Essay

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1) Name and describe the principal technologies and trends that have shaped contemporary telecommunications systems?
1- Telephone networks: they handle voice communication; they were built by telephone companies using voice transmission technologies.
2) Computer network: they were built by computer companies seeking to transmit
between computers in different locations.

3) Broadband: connections provided by telephone and cable companies running at
million bits per second.

4) Describe the features of a simple network and the network ...view middle of the document...

* Switch: filter and forward data to a specific destination on the network.

Network in large companies:

* It consists of large number of small local area networks linked to other area networks and to firmware corporate networks. Internet service provider, telephone service and wireless internet service are examples of today’s infrastructure.

3- What are the principal components of telecommunications networks and key networking technologies?

1- Client/server computing: Client/server describes the relationship between two computer programs in which one program in this case the client, makes a service request from another program, the server, which fulfills the request. Also, in a network, the client/server model provides a convenient way to interconnect programs that are distributed efficiently across different locations.

2- Packet switching: A method of network data transmission, in which small blocks of data or packets are transmitted over a channel using routers.

3- TCP/IP and Connectivity: is the communication protocol for communication between computers on the Internet. Also, define as how electronic devices like computers should be connected to the Internet, and how data should be transmitted between them.

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