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I feel as if the impact that illegal immigration on health care in the United States makes a huge difference. If you think about it how many illegal immigrants go down to the state for health insurance? I would have at least half of those people are in the United States illegally. And who pays for the state to give these people insurance? We do the tax payers. So yes I say that this is a huge problem and there should be more rules or stipulations ...view middle of the document...

So basically is stating that we are going to pay for it one way or the other. “Illegal immigrants are already eligible for emergency care through the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act, signed by President Reagan in 1986. This emergency care is often paid for by Emergency Medicaid, private insurance if the patients have it, out of pocket, or it's written off as bad debt or charity care by the hospital (Gorman, 2009).”They are talking about the August 26 Congressional Research Service report "Treatment of Noncitizens in H.R. 3200," the House bill and that states that whoever qualify for any subsidies for health insurance, "individuals must be lawfully present in a state in the United States." That does not preclude those in this country legally who have illegal immigrants in their family from qualifying for the subsidies.

Gorman, (2009, September 10). From the Fact Check Desk: Illegal Immigrants and Health Care Reform. ABC News. Retrieved from

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