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Information Technology Essay

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(General Proficiency)

School Based Assessment



Description of Project
It takes 90 seconds or less for a car thief to take your vehicle.  It is no longer enough to just roll-up your windows and lock your doors.  Although few stolen vehicles are recovered within 48 -72 hours, the damage has already been done. 
The Spartahouse City Council in collaboration with the Spartahouse Police Department is encouraging residents to protect their vehicles. This is due to the fact that Incidents of Grand Theft Auto in the city have spiked by over 35% over the last year.  There is ...view middle of the document...

 They also require a program based on the study to assist their business in helping with the data collection and the necessary calculations with reference to premiums and payments.
At the end of this analysis, a report is to be presented to the Mayor and other relevant parties including NMTRO and the insurance companies.
A pamphlet on Tips to Avoid Auto Theft will be made available to the public as a part of the Operation Bounce Back Project. Candidates are required to utilized Word processing, Database, Spreadsheet and Programming packages to efficiently carry out the required activities.

You are required to:
1. Create a workbook based on the headings below:
Statistical Analysis |
FirstName | LastName | Gender | Year Manufactured | Model | Category | Insurance Company | Type Of Coverage | Anti Theft Device Installed | Value |
Sasha | Moore | Female | 2000 | Accord | LCR-70 | BCC | TPO | FALSE | J$612,000.00 |
Jermaine | Black | Male | 2005 | Charade | LCR-71 | Nationwide | FC | TRUE | J$2,617,881.00 |
* The categories are as follows:
* LCR-70 Motor vehicle theft, cars
* LCR-71 Motor vehicle theft, SUV\van
* LCR-72 Motor vehicle theft, truck or bus
* LCR-73 Motor vehicle theft, other vehicles

* The type of coverage’s are as follows:
* Third party only (TPO) or Fully Comprehensive (FC)

2. Insert columns and add the labels “Age of Vehicle” to the right of Year Manufactured” and “Premium" to the right of "Value" columns. Modify the spreadsheet as necessary using "M" for "Male" and "YES" for "Antitheft Device Installed"

Use the spreadsheet functions and/or formulae to perform the following calculations.
a) The age of each vehicle based on the year it was manufactured. Hide the column labeled “Year Manufactured”.
b) Total ALL appropriate columns and ensure that your worksheet is efficient. Also use formatting features to allow clarity of your worksheet (example bold, decimal places $-and % signs).
c) Enter the regular premium for each vehicle in the worksheet based on the insurance company table below.

Insurance Company | Premium |
STATEFARM | 1950.00 |
BCC | 2700.00 |
IWCI | 1675.00 |
NATIONWIDE | 3500.00 |

FirstName | LastName | Gender | YearManufactured | Model | Category | Insurance Company | Type Of Coverage | Anti Theft Device Installed | Value |
Tyrese | Witter | Male | 2000 | Eclipse | LCR-71 | State Farm | TPO | FALSE | J$1,210,000.00 |

3. Insert before the record number 8 the following data

4. Sort the data in the worksheet by Type of Coverage (Primary field) and Insurance Company (secondary field).

Present the data using bordered line style and centre and bold all column headings. Titles should be displayed evenly across the data provided.

Save as Task A
Print this worksheet. Include printouts showing ALL formulae.
1. The insurance companies calculate the compensation packages for stolen vehicles based...

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