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Information Use Paper

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The Path of Taking Leave
Raymond Boger
Feb 2nd, 2015
Don Walker

The Path of Taking Leave

In the Army as a service member you can accrue 2.5 days of leave per month and save up to 60 of those days before you lose it and can go in the negative 30 days for emergencies if approved. How does the process of taking leave work? What is the process and procedure for this information? How this information can be kept safe? I will explain in this essay how the information of submitting a DA 31 leave form works, where it goes, and what it does when it gets there.

The start of this information flow for a DA 31 is made from a service member sitting at a desktop, workstation, or laptop ...view middle of the document...

Almost all military computers are equipped with a CAC reader. When the Pure Edge View application is open with the DA 31 leave form it will give you a new option to use a digital signature when a Common Access Card is inserted. The digital signature is a quick, authorized, and effective way to enhance security of the document by making the signature a new unique identifier.

This secure and sensitive information will be sent up the chain of command for approval ending at the Commanding Officer, only if it is under 30 days. Depending on the service member’s standard operating procedure, they will have to do a vehicle inspection and have a trip plan depending if they are driving or flying out of a 250 mile range.

If the service member is new or doing a permanent change of station they will be required to go to the parent unit for travel processing. At your parent unit or known as Battalion, the service member will have to make an appointment with Section 1. Section 1 is the personnel and administration department that handles traffic of all the units’ affairs. Section one will have trained personnel to start the travel process. Travel orders and authorizations are done through a website called Defense Travel System. The Defense Travel System website is the most secure way to ensure you have all correct receipts, travel vouchers, and allotments. The Defense Travel System website can be accessed as a regular user but cannot create orders and vouchers.

The DA 31 is now complete and the...

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