Innovation Of Employee’s Leave Process Using The Sap System

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Innovation of Employee’s Leave Process Using the SAP System
(A Case Study of Oceanic Bank Int’l Plc., Nigeria)

Term paper
Fall 2014
Business School, Seinäjoki
Masters of Business Administration
Advanced Marketing Management

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Faculty: Seinäjoki Business School
Degree programme: Master of Business Administration
Specialisation: Advanced Marketing Management

Author: Ademola Olutosin Onashile

Title of Thesis: Innovation of Employee’s Leave Process Using the SAP System

Supervisor:  Mäkeläinen, Ville-Pekka

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1 Four parts of innovation diffusion theory 8
2.2 Adoption classification based on innovativeness…………………………..9
2.3 Adopters categorization 10
2.4 The importance of diffusion -Key element of the process...........................11
3.1 Definitions of Human Resources Management…………………………….13
3.2 The needs for HR in Organizations ? 14
4.1 What is SAP ?……………………………………..…………………………….15
4.2 The components of SAP HR 16
5 the life cycle of SAP leave system in oceanic int'l bank plc .18
6 conclusion……………………………………………..…………..22
HRM Human Resources Management

HR Human Resources

SAP Systems, Applications & Products

ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
Tables and figures
FIGURE 3. SAP DIAMOND............................ ……………………...………………15
FIGURE 4. SAP IPHONE LEAVE REQUEST……………………...……………… 20

According to Brad Power (2012) in his Harvard Business Review article titled ‘Are Your Employees Drivers or Victims of process Innovations’ he stated that to stay competitive, organizations need to continually find opportunities for innovation in key processes such as customer service and product development, and adoption of a new process almost always requires the implementation of new information technology.
In this same article written by Brad Power buttresses and gives a pointer to the fact that no matter the side of an organization, that the innovation of the company’s product or service cannot be over-emphasized.
However, the introductory part of this paper helps to show what the readers should be expecting in the whole task by doing a brief highlight of the whole task stating that the Diffusion of Innovation by Everett M.Rogers is what the author uses as a building block for his literature review or theoretical framework.
Also, the write-up tends to show the importance of Human Resources Management in any organisation by giving the definition of Human Resources (HR) , stating why HR is mostly needed in organisations and why processes in HR are needed to be automated. Then, the adoption of automation of the HR processes leads to the fact that companies or HR departments can actually automate their processes to streamline those processes and remove whatever bottleneck always encounters during the course of work which could help companies experience efficiency and end up reducing unnecessary overhead costs and reaching the bottom-line by maximizing profits.
It is imperative to state here that there are many technological or automated systems companies deploy to automate their processes but...

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