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Institutional Discrimination Essay

376 words - 2 pages

Pat Thompson


Race,ethics and diversity


We have all seen or heard someone that has said some derogatory language.

Most people couldn’t careless and in some groups its part of their everyday


The part is that they will never change; they’re living the rest of their vive

that way. The only way to change a society is to train the children in that society

to respect the rights of others and I believe by mixing races and cultures we

create a better ...view middle of the document...

Girls are trained to be subservient to the male ego.

The major problem in America isn’t the men who are trained for most part

by women, but women themselves. Women have a tendency to agree and

reinforce the female stereotypes. Their inaction makes change almost impossible,

why should men change when these attitudes’ are reinforced by wives and

mothers. If the women, whether they are single or married would vote with one

mind things would change.

This book speaks of institutional discrimination, women may see and

experience discrimination, but without organization their efforts will fail, you may

say that there is the National Organization of Women, they have done some good

work for women, but the question should be is why aren’t more women joining

this organization, the answer is in my opinion. Most women don’t recognize that

women want to be mothers, I could be wrong but mothers need to be

empowered too. Mothers have a lot of power if they only knew it.

Women are the largest single voting block in America. If the national organization

of women would join with the women of the Christian right and left, they could

easily vote in their candidates and make change, come more quickly and the side

benefit would be greater change to eliminate a large degree of institutional


The sad part is, we cannot change the human heart.

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