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Insurance Study Essay

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Business development and market research on Kotak life insurance products and services suitable for different market segmentation.

Submitted to:
Department of management in the partial fulfillment for the MBA



REG NO: 1420233

Under the guidance of
Dr. Kamal Kishore
Assistant Professor

Institute of Management
Christ University, Bangalore
MBA 2014-2016


This is to certify that the Summer Internship Project submitted by Mr. Victor Mondal on the title Business development and market research on Kotak ...view middle of the document...

I would take this opportunity to thank all the staff of Kotak Mahindra life insurance Company of Kolkata office. I learned how a team work can make the task simplified and the objectives are achieved easily.
I would thank my corporate mentor Mr. Malay Puri without his support and guidance this project would have never been completed

I would like to extend my thanks to my College Mentor Dr. Kamal Kishore who was a constant support and guide and gave valuable suggestion which helped me in completing my project.

I want to say thanks to Dr. S.Jeevananda, the campus coordinator Christ College of management
( Kengeri Campus) for giving me the regard and coordinating me in my undertaking and additionally giving me direction in the issues confronted.

I am appreciative to the greater part of my companions and cluster mates for their assistance in finishing this venture work. At long last, I am grateful to my whole relatives for their extraordinary backing and consolation.

A heart felt thank to the numerous respondents studied whose thoughts, basic experiences and recommendations have been priceless in the planning of this report.


This project titled “Business development and market research on Kotak life insurance products and services suitable for different market segmentation” being submitted by me in the partial fulfillment of requirements for the award of Masters Of Business Administration degree from Christ Institute of Management and Technology, affiliated to Christ University Bangalore.

Place: Bengaluru (Name & Signature of Candidate) Date: Victor Mondal
(Reg No 1420233)





The internship was done to gain practical experience of working within an organization, in the field of marketing. The project report consist of two parts, first part consists of business development of Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance, and second consist of Market Research on Kotak Life Insurance Products and Services.

The project report has been written in very simplified form with structured format. The interpretation of the report has been supported by substantial evidence. The data primary used in this report is collected by surveying the potential customers and trying to figure out what is the reason to buy insurance .The various demographic and socio economic variable is been used in the...

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