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Project Design Plan
The experiment is designed to test how the degree of inflation in a basketball directly relates to its rebound height. My intent is to determine how the air pressure can negatively affect the ball with too short or high a rebound. This is relevant to basketball players because they need to maintain control over the ball. Too little inflation and the ball will not bounce high enough for them during dribbling to continue forward at maximum speed to score or they will not be able to pass the ball on a bounce because the ball may not make it to the next player. Too much inflation and the ball may become erratic and not go where it is intended during a pass and will be much ...view middle of the document...

This is an NBA officially approved ball made of leather with a circumference of 29 inches, the maximum allowed according to the NBA and the NCAA. The circumference also fits within the guidelines of FIBA regulations. I will be dropping the ball first from a height of 72” onto a concrete floor in a room that is 71 degrees F with a relative humidity of 55%. I will start the experiment by inflating the ball to 5 PSI. The PSI will be increased by 0.5 PSI for each measurement until I reach 9 PSI. I will drop the basketball a total of eight times to attain a mean height for each PSI. There will be a tape measure on the wall behind where the ball will be dropped. A FLIP HD video camera will be used to record the ball height for each drop.
I chose this plan because it uses an official NBA basketball. This basketball has a circumference of 29 inches which fits within the guidelines of the NBA and NCAA. By using this ball I can be sure that I am testing the standards for both organizations. The ball will be dropped from a height of 72” every time because this is the standard of used by the NCAA to test ball inflation. I will be starting with a PSI of 9.5, one full PSI above the maximum allowed according to the NBA rule book and ending at 6.5, one full PSI below the minimum allowed. The data will be compared to see if the rebound heights fit within the NCAA regulations of 49”-54”. Going outside of the designated PSI restrictions will allow me to see how the ball reacts to being over or under inflated.
The changes in air pressure within the basketball will serve as the only independent variable. Each time the ball rebounds off the floor, the distance between the bottom of the ball and the floor will be measured. This measurement will serve as the dependent variable. The controlled variables will be the height of 72” from which the ball is dropped, the surface that the ball rebounds from, and the temperature and humidity in the room where the experiment will be performed.
Tools, Technologies, and Measurement Units
The tools I will be using to collect my quantitative data will be a FLIP HD video camera, a tape measure and an air pump. The FLIP HD video camera will be used to view the moment when the ball is at its peak rebound height after each drop. The tape measure will be used to measure the rebound height in inches. The air pump will have a digital readout of pounds per square inch (PSI).
Sequence of Events
First a tape measure will be mounted on the wall located behind where the ball will be dropped each time. Next I will check and record the temperature and humidity in the room based on the thermostat used to control the temperature for that room. The basketball will be inflated to a total of 9.5 PSI to start the experiment which will be measured using an air pump with a digital read out. The PSI will be decreased by .5 PSI for each phase of the experiment until reaching 6.5 PSI. Each time the air pressure will be measured...

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