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Secure Credit Card Application - Barclaycard

Legal Terms and Conditions
Interest  Rates  and  Interest  Charges Annual  Percentage  Rate  (APR)  for Purchases

This  APR  will  vary  with  the  market  based  on  the  Prime  Rate.

APR  for  Balance  Transfers

22.99% This  APR  will  vary  with  the  market  based  on  the  Prime  Rate.

APR  for  Cash  Advances

25.24% This  APR  will  vary  with  the  market  based  on  the  Prime  Rate.

Penalty  APR  and  When  it  Applies

Up  to  27.24%,  based  on  your  creditworthiness. This  APR  may  be  applied  to  your  account  if  you  make  a  late  payment. This  APR  will  vary  with  the  market ...view middle of the document...

S.  dollars.

Penalty  Fees:


Late  Payment

Up  to  $35  (the  amount  of  the  fee  varies  by  state,  see  below)  



Returned  Payment

Up  to  $35  (the  amount  of  the  fee  varies  by  state,  see  below)  

How  We  Will  Calculate  Your  Balance:  We  use  a  method  called  “daily  balance  (including  new  purchases)”.  If  you  are  a  resident  of  Iowa  at  the  time  the  account is  opened,  we  use  a  method  called  “average  daily  balance  (including  new  purchases)”. Terms  and  Conditions  Continued: Fees  that  Vary  by  State: Late  Payment  Fee:    Up  to  $35  (Up  to  $15  for  residents  of  Iowa  at  time  of  account  opening).   Returned  Payment:  Up  to  $35  (Up  to  $15  for  residents  of  Iowa  at  time  of  account  opening). The  Annual  Percentage  Rate  (APR)  For  Your  Initial  Apple  Purchase(s) 1.  If  your  total  Apple  purchases  made  within  the  first  30  days  equal  less  than  $499.00**: Qualifying  Apple  purchases  that  post  to  your  account  for  less  than  $499  (a  “Deferred  Financing  Purchase”)  will  receive  a  180  day  (approximately  6  months)  no 1/3


Secure Credit Card Application - Barclaycard

interest  /deferred  financing  promotion  for  which  interest  will  be  deferred  for  180    days  provided  that  timely  payments  are  made  on  the  account  and  the  Deferred Financing  Purchase  is  paid  in  full  on  or  before  the  180th  day  after  the  applicable  purchase  date  (such  end  date  the  “Promotional  End  Date”).  If  the  Deferred Financing  Purchase  is  not  paid  in  full  by  the  Promotional  End  Date  or  if  you  make  a  late  payment,  interest  charges  will  be  assessed  for  the  entire  promotional period  at  the  then  applicable  rate  for  Purchases  during  the  promotional  period  (currently  22.99%).  This  APR  will  vary  with  the  market  based  on  the  Prime  Rate.   2.  If  your  total  Apple  purchases  made  within  the  first  30  days  are  greater  than  or  equal  to  $499.00**  but  less  than  $999.00**: Qualifying  Apple  purchases  that  post  to  your  account  for  $499-­$999  (a  “Deferred  Financing  Purchase”)  will  receive  a  365  day  (approximately  12  months)  no interest  /deferred  financing  promotion  for  which  interest  will  be  deferred  for  365  days  provided  that  timely  payments  are  made  on  the  account  and  the  Deferred Financing  Purchase  is  paid  in  full  on  or  before  the  365th  day  after  the  applicable  purchase  date  (such  end  date  the  “Promotional  End  Date”).  If  the  Deferred Financing  Purchase  is  not  paid  in  full  by  the  Promotional  End  Date  or  if  you  make  a  late  payment,  interest  charges  will  be  assessed  for  the  entire  promotional period  at  the  then  applicable  rate  for  Purchases  during  the...

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