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Intasc 1 Lesson Plan Essay

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Lesson Plan Template

Teacher Candidate: Mrs. Perez second Grade Math | Course: MATH |
LESSON PREPARATION : * The teacher must gather the tens and ones blocks. * The teacher must gather the tens and ones mat. * The teacher must gather the cover up card. * The teacher must reserve the mobile lab for the date of the lesson. * The teacher must make flash cards of doubles facts and subtracting half facts. * The teacher must make copies of the worksheet. |
Topic:Two Digit Subtraction | Concept: Subtraction |
Subject: Math | Grade: secondt Grade |
Primary Objective: The students will be able to subtract whole numbers ...view middle of the document...

Set : * The teacher must give each student a set of tens and ones blocks. * The teacher must give each student a cover up card. |
Teacher Instruction: * Have the students "be the professor" and teach the rest of the class how to solve the problems. * Tell the students that we have something new to learn today and that you need their help. Instead of adding these big numbers, we now have to learn how to subtract them. Ask the students to think about what they would do in order to subtract 2 digit numbers. * Give the students plenty of think time then allow for discussion. * Facilitate so that the discussion is geared toward doing the same procedures as when you are adding 2 digit numbers, only you subtract them.Teacher Modeling: The teacher will have a “B” plan with the problem to solve covered and solved in the board with an example of subtraction exercise in popsicle sticks example: 13-10=3 / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / = 3 |
Guided Student Practice Students will be placed in pairs of two and will be called to the board to work out a math problem with another two pairs of classmates; these students will be supervised by the teacher as they demonstrate their abilities to work out their two digit subtraction problem. |
Independent Student Practice Students will have five class work subtraction exercises as warm ups at the beginning of each class. Students will have ten two digit subtraction problems to take home as homework for five days. |
Closure While the students were in the whole group setting getting introduced to the new objectives, it would be very useful to remind the students that the very first thing they must to do is check to see what the problem is asking; whether they should add or subtract. Putting emphasis on checking what sign is in the problem can help them from any confusion students may have with the worksheet. Because maybe there can be a surprise were the worksheet can be a mixed review of both addition and subtraction, it is understandable how students could get confused. If I were to redo the lesson, I would include a couple of addition problems to get the students into the habit of always checking what the problem is...

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