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Integration Feature Essay

1322 words - 6 pages

Integration Feature
Linking an Excel Worksheet and Chart

Northwestern Business College
Gloria Gallegos

Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Linking an Excel Worksheet and Chart 4
Excel Basics 4
To Link an Excel Worksheet to a Word Document 4
To Link an Excel Chart to a Word Document 7
Table of Figures 8
Index 9

With Microsoft Office, you can copy part or all of a project created in one Office program to a project created in another Office program. The item being copied is called the object. For example, you could copy an Excel worksheet (the object) that is located in an Excel workbook (the source document) to a Word document (the destination ...view middle of the document...

When you edit the Excel worksheet from within the Word document, you will use Excel editing features.

* Link. A linked object, by contrast, does not become a part of the destination document even though it appears to be a part of it. Rather, a connection is established between the source and destination documents so that when you open the destination document, the linked object appears as part of it. When you edit a linked object, the source program starts and opens the source document that contains the linked object. Unlike an embedded object, if you open the excel workbook that contains the Excel worksheet and then edit the Excel worksheet, the linked object will be updated in the Word document, too.

Linking an Excel Worksheet and Chart
Excel Basics
Excel Window
Excel Window
The Excel window contains a rectangular grid that consists of columns and rows. A column letter above the grid identifies each column. A row number on the left side of the grid identifies each row. The intersection of each column and row is a cell. A cell is referred to by its unique address, which is the coordinates of the intersection of a column and a row. To identify a cell, specify the column letter first, followed by the row number. For example, cell reference A1 refers to the cell located at the intersection of column A and row 1 (Figure 1).
Row Numbers
Row Numbers
Column letters
Column letters

Figure [ 1 ]: Excel Basics
To Link an Excel Worksheet to a Word Document
The next step is to copy the Excel worksheet to the Clipboard and then use the Paste Link command in Word to link the Excel worksheet from the Clipboard to the Word document. The following steps link the Excel worksheet to the Word document.
* In the Excel window, drag through cells in the range A1 through B8 to select them.
* In the Excel window, click the Copy button on the Home tab to copy the selected cells to the Clipboard (Figure 2).
Figure [ 2 ]: Link an Excel Worksheet to Word Document
Figure 2: Link an Excel Worksheet to Word Document
Home tab
Home tab
Excel workbook opened in Excel window
Excel workbook opened in Excel window

Excel Chart
Excel Chart
Cells A1 through BB selected
Cells A1 through BB selected
Copy button
Copy button

* Click the Home Plans Memo Modified – Microsoft Word program button on the taskbar to switch to the Word window.
* Position the insertion point at the end of the paragraph of text and then press the Enter key. Center the paragraph mark below the paragraph of text so that the linked worksheet will be centered on the page.
* Scroll so that the paragraph in the memo is near the top of the document window.
* In Word, click the Paste button arrow on the Home tab to display the Paste menu (Figure 3).
Paragraph mark and insertion point centered

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