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Internal And External Factors Affecting Petronas

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Political Factors
Primarily, the company started their strategy by making the brand more profitable. This is to build a strong financial foundation. The main changes that had happened are from the accounting practices of the company. During the said changes and process of restructure, there are different political factors that might be considered. One of this is the environmental issues. As of now, more and more individuals and organizations are focusing on different issues ...view middle of the document...

This is due to the fact that the company already followed the strategy of Adidas and Nike in outsourcing their production in Asia. The primary reason for outsourcing of production is because, most of Asian countries offer lower labor cost and other taxes compare to Europe and America. In terms of political stability, due to the fact that the company is a multinational company that produce as well as sell their products in different parts of the world, there different political issues and events in other local partners that can affect the overall performance of the company.
Economic Factors
The said situation in the political factors, are somewhat connected with the different economic factors that might affect the development process of the company. Primarily is the situation of the home economy or the economic situation of Germany, in terms of monetary issues, stock exchange and the likes. The economy trends of happenings in the home economy are also important, so as the economic situations and trends of the partner countries. This is due to the fact that, this political factor has a great impact to the social mentality...

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