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International Business Cultural Analysis Preliminary Essay

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A culture can be considered a driving force behind human actions in any country of the world; it plays part in politics, economics, progression, and every aspect of a community. It is transmitted to generations and generations thereafter. I chose Japan because they appear distinctly different in business interactions than the United States, and as an accounting major, I have an interest in how various cultural traits may or may not determine a way a country conducts business in the global community.
My research will include analysis of various dimensions of culture to include: communication, religion, ethics, values and attitudes, manners, customs, structures and organizations within ...view middle of the document...

With advancements in the global community, conflicts will arise due to cultural indifferences. Analysis needs to be done in order to see what and how communications play part in Japan’s business relations; does Japan embrace new technological advancements such as the internet to advance its global participation.
Every culture embraces some type of communication between each other and others, it is important to expose communication and language practices to assure a successful business interaction with Japan; for instance, body language may be universal, but its manifestation will differ within various cultures. My brother-in-law is a missionary to Japan, and made the mistake of placing a business card given by a Japanese businessman into his wallet and then into his pants pocket. This was very insulting to the Japanese businessman. In the United States, most business people accept cards, and either place in wallet or a card holder. Another area to understand with cultural diversity is dress and appearance are important in many cultures; the analysis should uncover cultural influence over dress as it relates to local as well as international business interactions.
One of the reasons many countries have become part of a global economy is due to internet. How does Japan use such advancements in their business, and how does their culture acclimate to such advancements. How will advancements in the global community affect relationships within the Japanese culture? For instance, what place do wives, or women in general, participate in Japan’s global culture. With the internet joining the world together, how does that affect our dress and appearances, and what part does this change, if any, affect local and international business interactions; whether or not Japan’s culture will allow straying from traditional clothing in an ever-changing global community.
Culture can dictate a particular group’s attitude toward work in relation to...

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