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International Business Law Essay

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1. State X has accepted the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice(ICJ) in a unilateral declaration pursuant to Article 36(2) of the ICJ’s Statute. The declaration, however, contains the following provision: “This declaration shall not apply to disputes with regard to matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of State X as determined by State X.”(a) Is this provision valid?(b) In a suit between State X and State Y, may State Y invoke this provision as to matters it considers within its own domestic jurisdiction? Explain.
2. State A sues State B in the International Court of Justice. The ICJ hands down a judgment that is adverse to State B. State B refuses to ...view middle of the document...

Stale D pleads that it is immune from the jurisdiction of the court. What will the court decide? Discuss.
5. State U had a long- standing relationship with N, the President of State P. President N had regularly provided information to State U’s national intelligence agency on activities of the political foes of State U both in State P and in the countries that neighbor State P. At the same time, State U had long ignored N’s activities in helping drug runners transport illicit drugs into State U. Now, a change in the government in State U has caused State U not only to disassociate itself from the intelligence activities of President N but also to condemn his drug-related dealings. In need of a boost in the political polls, the President of State U orders his military to invade State P and apprehend President N. This is done. President N is then put on trial in a State U court for violation of State U’s anti-drug statutes (a) Assuming that the court can be impartial, does it have jurisdiction to try President N? (b) Is President N immune from prosecution? Explain.
6. Eye Co. a shipping company headquartered and incorporated in State I, signed a contract with Kay Co. a company headquartered and incorporated in State K , to transport goods for Kay Co. from State K to State L. No provisions were made in the contract about where disputes would be settled or what law would be used to resolve them. As Eye Co.’s ship delivering the goods was entering the harbor of the capital city of State L. the ship blew up ,destroying all of Kay Co.’s goods . Kay Co. brought suit in State L. Eye Co. now...

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