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International Marketing Essay

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Walt Disney Company is a global company that is a family-friendly entertainment offering. As we know, Disney is a company that well known in films and television show. Besides that, Disney started operate in resorts and also theme park. Disney wants to target their theme park to the global market and build global awareness. Their target market is China, India, South Korea and other emerging country. They want to enlarge their market share and find new potential market.
First and foremost, Disney wants to educate to the Chinese about their cartoon character and ...view middle of the document...

From the case, Disney provides Tamil language and Indian version in India. Because of the language localization, the customize film in Indian version is very successful in India. Besides India, Disney had localized a lot of country like Russia. In Russian market, Disney launches a Russian version of High School Musical for the local people and its work very well.
Besides that, Disney also localize in color and the Chinese culture. Disney had studied the culture, belief, value of Chinese. From the case, during the year 2008, it was a rat year according to the Chinese zodiac calendar. Disney uses this opportunity to build awareness. Disney’s famous iconic character, Mickey and Minnie were wearing red color costume to celebrate the rat year. Red is a lucky color for the Chinese, it mean auspicious.
Furthermore, Disney not only operates in movie and films but they also operate in theme park, hotel and shops. Disney had created 50,000 much-needed jobs for the resident. This technology nowadays is developing rapidly. So, the numbers of cable television are increasing. Many families have a television set at home. Disney launched the Disney Channel and Toon Disney. Lastly, Disney wants to tries to make films and target to the North Africa market. They want to expand their company and build strong awareness into worldwide.

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