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Internet Essay

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The internet and social networking are one the fast growing industry in the world that allow you to reconnect with friends and family, search the web in a safe and secure manner also help build a historic profile for your child future reference. On that note, google chrome play a major role in providing feature such as; speed, signing in, simplicity, privacy, security and customization that enable you to make google chrome your own. However, rhetoric devices; such as pathos, ethos and logos also play a major role in social networking and internet as well. Why? Because they appeal to the audience’s emotion, convince the audience to reason logically and accept the credibility of people whom we admire.
After watching “Google Chrome: Dear Sophie” ...view middle of the document...

Moreover, Pathos is persuading by appealing to the reads’ emotions and it is also used o evoke the feeling of sympathy, relatedness and anguish. Thus in “Google Chrome: Dear Sophie” pathos was used to showed a parent’s love for their child and also encourage everyone to used google in a creative way. In addition, Ethos or ethical appeal and credibility, thus we tend to accept the credibility of people whom we respect and look up to. One that note, Ethos was used in this “Google Chrome: Dear Sophie” commercial to demonstration good parenting. Thus as the world we live in today, some parents have less time to care for their children or even spend quality time with them, but make excuses of work or doing something important out there. However, there are other parents who found this commercial very meaningful and with the help of google, this makes their parenting style easy.
Furthermore, Logos appeal to logic strategy that is used to connect with the audience sense of reason. Logos was used in this ‘Google Chrome: Dear Sophie” to show the viewer how google email is use and possible features that come along with it. Besides, it also tells you that “Google is what you make it”. Nevertheless, I found this commercial to be persuasive, because it efficiently use all three rhetorical devices. Thus the commercial make the viewer used google on daily basic and as well as have similar experience as Sophie father did.
As seem above, social networking and internet database play a major role in our daily life, which allow us to connect to people whom we love and even build a future profile for our child reference and empower us to use google chrome features.
"Google Chrome: Dear Sophie." YouTube. YouTube. Web. 10 July 2015.

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