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Internet And It's Affect On Business

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Internet and it’s Affect on Business
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Technology has been able to provide advancements in quality of life across the world. One of the biggest forms of technology is the use of the internet in a variety of different business sectors. One of the fastest growing forms of Internet use revolves around online schooling. The result is not only because of the access of the Internet, but the vast amount of resources now available just a click away. Online schooling provides several advantages and disadvantages, but the new opportunities afforded due to the change are winning out.
The growth of attending online school is becoming popular by both the students and the ...view middle of the document...

As the student either saves the money or is able to arrange the class into their personal schedule, they can just attend and pay for classes at a time (Chaffee, 2011). This process is much more cost effective and easier to manage the work life balance.
The online learning environment creates a cleaner and leaner atmosphere. Certain material can be used for multiple classes, cutting down on the time the student needs to devote to school. This allows for a more effective program as the students will not be given credit for the same material for several different classes. The school will have a more uniformed program by reusing online presentations that can be shared among several instructors and even schools (Chaffee, 2011).
The position of many schools migrating to an online environment is strong for all but a few groups of schools and career paths. For Ivy League schools, their attendance is normally all about the name of the institution (Chaffee, 2011). For some students the choice to attend is because of family tradition, other is because of private funding. The other obstacles are generally not a problem for those students who plan to attend. Another large group of students and schools not able to make a complete online environment work would be those involved in college sports. Most of the students rely on the funding from playing sports to pay for the education, and the schools rely on the funding from the sports to pay for school expenses. Another important group that finds it necessary to attend a traditional school for at least part of their learning is anyone involved in a medical program or other program which includes hands on experience.
The standard colleges and universities converting towards the sole use of the web will have implications for the education program and the manner in which the information is taught. The online learning environment is more affordable and accessible than traditional schooling, meaning more people will have the ability to attend school. In addition to just being able to attend school, the cheaper cost and ability to manager work and life will mean a higher graduation rate among both the young and older. Instead of long standing professors being in high demand, the less experienced, lower-paid adjunct instructors are poised to lead the new generation of students. The online environment also minimizes the social aspect of school with both students and the teaching staff. Students will have to rely on a self-teaching approach and independent study.
Online school replacing standard schooling brings up some additional risks that were not as prevalent before. The chance of students cheating will be at an all time high. Much of the testing will be considered open book, but how can the instructor confirm who is taking the test? How can the instructor confirm who is managing the work? What if one student is doing the work of five? What if the parent(s) are helping more than they should? How can the...

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