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Internship Report

807 words - 4 pages

Acronyms Used in this Report
|ATM |Automated Teller Machine |
|BRPD |Banking Regulation and Policy Department |
|CEO |Chief Executive Officer |
|COD |Clean Over Draft |
|CRAB |Credit Rating Agency of Bangladesh |
|DD |Demand ...view middle of the document...

in millions taka)
|Items |2007 |2008 |2009 |2010 |2011 |
|Current deposits |4,337.66 |4,988.61 |5,982.57 |8,569.84 |8,793.29 |
|Foreign currency deposits |284.21 |202.05 |187.77 |196.71 |643.40 |
|Exchange company taka account |534.52 |422.94 |301.01 |416.23 |547.61 |
|Exporters’ foreign currency account|74.80 |78.83 |75.15 |94.98 |245.82 |
|Deposits from OBU |- |1.16 |1.61 |- |- |
|Sundry deposits |3,016.54 |3,089.00 |3,827.85 |4,846.11 |5,804.65 |
|Total |8,247.74 |8,782.59 |10,375.95 |14,123.86 |16,034.78 |

Term Deposits
(Fig. in millions taka)
|Items |2007 |2008 |2009 |2010 |2011 |
|Short notice deposits |2,921.10 |4,238.20 |6,878.12 |10,347.55 |9,374.27 |
|Non Resident foreign currency |49.92 |43.95 |41.55 |46.27 |59.28 |
|deposits | | | | | |
|Resident foreign currency deposits|111.84 |120.43 |132.47 |132.55 |157.45 |
|Non Resident Investment Taka A/c |- |- |- |- |0.18 |
|Monthly saving scheme |5,451.45 |7,332.37 |9,297.61 |11,733.29 |13,979.71 |
|Special deposit scheme |788.67 |629.41 |671.97 |814.90 |6,142.40 |
|Total |9,323.00 |12,364.36 |17,021.45 |23,101.56 |2,9713.3. |


Segment Reporting of NBL for 2011

|Heads of Revenue |Corporate |Retail & SME |Treasury Operation|Others |Total |
|Interest Income |1,046.34 |274.51 |109.53 |- |1,430.38 |
|Interest expenses |669.00 |175.51 |70.03 |- ...

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