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Interpersonal Communication Essay

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Interpersonal Communication within the Movie Hitch
Leanne Almon
COM200: Interpersonal Communication
Professor Bonnie Stiemke
November 5, 2014

Interpersonal Communication within the Movie Hitch
We encounter interpersonal communication in our everyday lives. Even in the movies that we watch for entertainment, we can see conflicts within the communication between characters. In the movie Hitch, which stars Will Smith, as Hitch and Eva Mendes as Sara, there are several examples of conflict when it comes to interpersonal communication. The one conflict that was most prominent within the movie was when Sara found the man responsible for the heartbreak of her best friend.
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This is a movie, so the writers have to show conflict somewhere to get the audience to continue to watch their movies, however, this is not how a disagreement or fight should be handled in real life. The silent treatment can be considered a type of psychological abuse. “When a person is ignored, ostracized, or excluded from a group, or treated as if they do not exist, the results can be psychologically and emotionally devastating” (Sole, 2011, Section 9.1). This situation could have and should have been handled differently.
First of all, when a person is that upset, it is important to tell the other person involved that you are extremely upset and need to “cool off” before talking about it. Words can be hurtful and chance are if you try to talk while you are upset, you and your partner will say things that you later will regret. Once they come out of our mouth, the words are out there and cannot be taken back. Instead of giving Hitch the silent treatment, Sara should have said something like “I am very upset right now, but after some time to calm down, I would really like to hear your side of the story.” This gives both parties a chance to choose their words carefully so that they do not hurt or offend the other person.
Now that both parties have had the chance to think about the chance to “cool off”, Sara should have went to Hitch and told him that she was...

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