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Intersec Of Religon And Lit Essay

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1Intersection of lit and religion: the story is "A Good Man Is Hard to Find." Read the part about the grandma telling the misfit he should pray to jesus. Its the part of the story. The grandma tells the misfit (when he's about to kill her) that he's a good man deep down and that jesus will save him and he should pray to jesus. The misfit become teary and the grandma calls him one of her children and leans to touch his shoulder (she sees it as his weak point and wants to use it to save herself) the misfit replies by shooting her 3times. In a part of the story, the misfit says the only pleasure in life is meaness; being mean. But when he kills the grandma and one of his buddies comment on the fact that it is pleasurable, he says it is no real pleasure in ...view middle of the document...

" These are the gender roles we continuously see in societies as well as much of old literature since a woman's worth was equal to almost nothing back then. But throughout the play, we see that slowly, Nora's real stand in her house unravels. She is not the silly girl that is first portrayed to be. It is revealed to us that Nora's father did not give her the money for their family trip, but that she borrowed money as a loan from the man who was also Travold's classmate. Nora had to hide the fact that she borrowed money because if Trovald found out his ego would have been bruised, because Trovald is portrayed as the strong man who provides for his family. If he found out his wife had borrowed money (even if it was to save his life) he would be furious because he would feel less like a "man." So, at the end of the play, it is shown to us that the gender roles were reversed. Trovald is not the strong loyal man he was portrayed to be, because he wasn't willing to stand by Nora if she was to face prison for forging her father's signature (read the summary of the play and you'll understand what I'm talking about), and he was the one begging her to stay after the man drew back his charges. Nora, on the other hand, was actually the "man of the house," because it is because of her that Trovald was alive in the first place. She was the one who made sacrifices for her family. She was the one who sat down for hours copying books so she could pay for the loan she borrowed for her husband's sake. As they say, a wife is the neck and the husband is the head. Without the neck the head can't move. Without Nora this trovald wouldn't even be alive.

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