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Intrinsic Motivation Essay

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In the article they were two approaches used for the differential examination of school motivation. The first approach was used to examine motivation towards specific school subjects and, the second approach was used to examine school motivation as a multidimensional concept. These two differential approaches have led to important discoveries and provided a better understanding of student motivational dynamics. The study examined elementary students and their motivation for writing, reading, and math from the stance of self-determination theory. First, we tested whether children self-report different levels of intrinsic, identified, and controlled motivation towards specific school subjects. ...view middle of the document...

Results also indicate that children self-report different levels of motivation types across school subjects. Our findings also show that most differentiation effects increase across grades. Some gender effects were also observed. Conclusion. These results highlight the importance of distinguishing among types of school motivation towards specific school subjects in the early elementary years. Educational
Motivating students to become intrinsically motivated is no easy task for teachers. To some students, they enjoy learning. But for the others, this is where is the challenge really comes in. To facilitate material to students "dry" would totally be out of my agenda. I would try to teach to my students to the point where the material becomes alive within them. I to make their minds grow in curiosity of the subject so continual learning can take place. I would do this by means of relating material to what interests the students. I would also put as much energy into my teaching whether it be in my tone of voice, body language, appearance, or all of the above. One thing that I'd like to do also is at the end of my class period, I would try to always close my lessons leaving my students with a question to ponder on dealing with the subject material that was taught. That way in their spare time, their minds will continue to ponder on the lesson and question at hand.

Guay, F., Chanal, J., Ratelle, C. F., Marsh, H. W., Larose, S., & Boivin, M. (2010). Intrinsic, identified, and controlled types of motivation for school subjects in young elementary school children. British Journal Of Educational Psychology, 80(4), 711-735.

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